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Women Are Changing the Face of Crypto Starting with Beauty NFTs


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As we have reported in this article earlier, while women are more interested in entering the increasingly popular and important crypto and NFT space than men, men still outnumber them by far in this area. But, there is a rising group of companies backing up women’s crypto and NFT efforts, thus empowering women – whether consciously or unconsciously, including our own Beauty and the City. Venture capital firms, and female-founded venture capital firms, are no exception, with many significantly supporting individual, startup, and established female-run crypto initiatives.

Here we have chosen to present two of our favorite women’s crypto projects and the venture capital firms that fund them.

  1. Lisa Mayer’s women-empowering NFT project Boss Beauties raises $4.4M from championing investors

“To launch Boss Beauties’ 10,000-NFT collection, we asked our community of Gen Z change-makers to imagine a collection of digital portraits to capture the empowered women they want to see and be in the world.” – says founder and CEO of Boss Beauties, Lisa Mayer, on her initial campaign that ended up displaying stunning portraits of a diverse group of prominent women, and became the first NFT collection to be featured in the New York Stock Exchange. Her mission and vision are to encourage girls and women to break the glass ceiling in any field – her collections reflecting that idea.

Three proud investors stand behind the ground-breaking Boss Beauties. Offline Ventures, a venture capital firm co-founded by Brit and Dave Morin and other investors and entrepreneurs, and partially backed by Apple, was its primary investor. When it comes to Offline Ventures, other big names appear next to Apple, having also invested in Clubhouse for example. And their humanist-oriented portfolio doesn’t stop with Boss Beauties, in fact, one of their primary missions is to improve mental health in all its activities and lessen mental suffering, initiating and supporting a few such efforts, including cooperating with Apple in this area.

With the slogan “Funding the future – investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent”, Female Founders Fund is an early-stage venture fund that invests in companies founded by women and is another believer and investor of Boss Beauties. Since 2014, they have become a leading capital go-to for female founders, raising seed capital with over $3B in enterprise value.

Last, but not least, Boss Beauties was powered by Serena Ventures – and if the name reminds you of someone, you got it right – world-renowned athlete Serena Williams stands as the builder and managing partner of this venture that is proud to have the following ratio representing its investment: 76% funding under-represented founders; 53% women founders; 47% black founders; 12% Latino founders.

  • New female, minority-led venture capital firm, Emmeline Ventures, starts business by investing in female-owned Clutch Wallet

Our mission is to bring more women into crypto through education and an inclusive community.” – states Clutch Wallet, a new Los Angeles-based startup that offers a digital wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. “Clutch is a non-custodial social wallet. We offer users an all-encompassing transacting experience underpinned by social, media, education, and seamless web3 integration.

Founded and headed by Bec Jones, through free and simplified learning programs in the forms of modules and guides, Clutch Wallet offers its services and promotes women’s education and understanding of crypto in the web3 era, an area in which women have also been lagging behind men. Clutch Wallet also believes that there is an opportunity for women to help other women in this area, and grow the crypto space.

On the other hand, an early supporter of Bec Jones’ venture was emerging female-run venture capital firm, Emmeline Ventures, contributing $30,000 to a seed round for Clutch Wallet as its first deal. Emmeline Ventures, based in Los Angeles and Phoenix, was founded by industry veterans – Sahara Reporters chair La Keisha Landrum Pierre, Digital Oxygen founder Naseem Sayani and investor Azin Radsan van Alebeek, and plans to support some 20 women-led initiatives during its early stages, that aim to “help women, in particular, manage their health, build their wealth, and live in a safer, cleaner world.” – according to a statement given to dot.LA.

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