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Winter Skincare Hydration Techniques


As soon as the winter comes, the colder weather and the temperatures can make the skin feel differently. Going into heated and dry rooms, and going out back to the cold air with pollution, can really be damaging to any skin. Although the summertime is quite easier on the skin, except the direct sun exposure, wintertime requires proper techniques that will keep the skin healthy, glowing, and strong. Winter skincare requires its own techniques.

Many different types of research have proven that the skin issues are quite different during the winter season and that predominantly come from the change in temperatures. This can affect the capillaries, and staying out in the wet weather can strip the skin’s barrier function. That is why, there are some basic, yet very efficient winter skincare techniques and tips that will keep its good looks and health.

Go with richer textures

One of the first and must-do things for the skin in winter is to switch the skincare routine and adapt it for the colder weather. This means that the winter skincare routine requires a change in the type of products you use. The lighter textures of products are greater on the skin, as they minimize excess shine. However, they are not great for the wintertime, because the skin asks for richer textures. They all come with added ingredients that will make the skin more hydrated, moisturized, protected, and strong.

Switch from cleansing gel to cleansing balm

Cleansing is essential for healthy skin. Although there are lots of different cleansing products, not all are great for certain weathers and seasons. For the wintertime, the best option is to switch the cleansing gel to a cleansing balm. The balms are full of rich oils and moisturizing ingredients. They left the skin clean, without making it dry. The use of balms is also great for a face massage, which cannot be said for the gel.

Incorporate oils

The facial oils are great for locking the hydrating ingredients in the layers of the skin. Such oils can also act as a facial mask to seal in the moisture. They work best when they are applied at night, which makes them great for the evening skincare routine. Their formula sinks into the skin, without leaving a sticky residue or a greasy look. With the regular use of the oils at night, the skin will look fresher, more radiant, and illuminated.

Acids are great for winter

Another winter skincare technique that is highly suggested is the use and the addition of acids in the winter routine. Glycolic acids and retinol are natural exfoliators. As such, they can work while you are sleeping and nourish and hydrate the skin in the proper way.

Don’t forget the SPF

Using SPF products in winter is essential and beneficial in protecting the skin from pollution. The free radicals in the air, the gloomy weather, the UVA and UVB rays that can get through the clouds can damage the skin. Picking a lightweight formula with high SPF is great for the winter, and it can be applied under the makeup too.

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