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Why Vegan Mascara


In the recent past, the term vegan became more and more popular than ever. When the necessity to go vegetarian went beyond merely eating a few years ago, the concept became generally embraced worldwide, with the rise of veganism around the world. Many people believed that animal by-products should be banned from being used in clothing, bags, and other products. As some of our makeup items contain animal products, this gradually expanded to include the cosmetics industry and products like vegan mascara.

Around this time, vegan cosmetics emerged, swiftly gaining popularity and acceptability. When we think of makeup, our eyes are the first thing that comes to mind; after all, they are the most visible part of our face. People tend to gaze into our eyes while chatting with us. Thus they must be attractive.

Vegan Mascara

The benefits of vegan mascara are many – from 100% pure mascara to safe for all skin types. Although vegan cosmetics are a better option than regular products, the best reason is that natural mascaras do not contain any animal-derived products! For example, how would you like to do a rough job with mascara using dead bug extract or chronic acid? Most importantly, you don’t even know you’re using this stuff on your face!

That’s the reason why, aside from being fully natural and free of chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients, it is preferable to switch to vegan mascara, which is safe mascara.

Best Vegan Mascara

Here we will show you the best vegan mascara that is safe to use and will give you a look that you want.

Best Overall: Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir

This is one of the best vegan mascara out there if you are looking for a mascara which will give you the best volumized yet separated look. The hourglass-shaped wand coats all of your lashes perfectly and effortlessly provides a cat-eye look. This one doesn’t smudge either.

Baby Beauty and the City Eye Kit

Want longer dramatic lashes? Worry not because you are in the right place; Baby Beauty and the City Eye Kit will grant your wish and will give you longer dramatic lashes in a single-use. The best thing about this mascara is that it’s vegan and is Paraben-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free and gluten-free.

Cover girl Clump Crusher Mascara

Cover girl makes several different types of mascara. Lash Blast is one of their best-known and best-selling products. Clump Crusher is your best choice for long, transparent, thick, and black eyelashes. Although it focuses on length and separation, it also provides decent volume after several coats, making this mascara the best drugstore mascara ever.

Inika Mineral Mascara Long Lash (Black)

This 100 percent plant-derived vegan mascara formula from Inika, a well-loved and recognized Australian brand, will give you quick results. You can plump up your lashes from the root to the tips with the fluffy, voluminous brush head. The deep black color will not fade, bleed, clump, or flake.

Eyes - Raw Nature

Because it contains Vitamin E, Magnolia Bark Extract, and Sunflower Oil, your lashes will benefit from the mascara, increasing their length, strength.


Here is everything you need to know about vegan mascara why you should use it, which is the best vegan mascaras out there. So if you are a fan of vegan, then this is the right place for you to start using vegan cosmetics.

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