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Tiktok Makeup Trends You Need To Try


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Social media is a big influence in makeup these days. And since there are lots of platforms, the one that currently stands out the most is Tik Tok. No matter if you are just casually scrolling through the millions of videos that cover all different kinds of topics, or you are one of those providing the videos, Tik Tok’s popularity is rising from day today. Tik Tok is viral, and there is a lot to learn from it too if you know how to use it properly.

Lately, all the fuss has been around Tik Tok and makeup. More particularly, about the Tik Tok makeup trends. These trends are making their way into the beauty industry and they are a nice inspiration for all those looking for something different. So, no matter if you have a Tik Tok account or not, here are some of the biggest Tik Tok Makeup trends that you need to try right now.

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Shape-Shifting aka Contouring

Contouring is a big thing in the makeup trends, and it will most certainly remain like it for some foreseeable future. But, the new Tik Tok makeup trends put the focus on shapeshifting. So what is the deal behind it? Well, contouring is all about the illusion of creating shadows and highlight on the face. The shape-shifting is the same as contouring but with a bit softer lines and more neutral shades that will deliver a more natural look.

Travel concealer

The concealer does not only have one and only purpose – but also to cover your dark under eyes. The new Tik Tok makeup trends put the concealers as the number one touch-up product. Especially when traveling. Making the touch-up is much easier when you do not have to apply foundation. The concealer comes in a much lesser tube. So, according to the latest trends, just dip the cotton swab into the tube and seal it into a plastic bag for a more convenient alternative.

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Powder first

If you have been applying power after foundation, you have been doing it wrong. Well, according to the latest Tik Tok makeup trends. The secret to a long-lasting makeup look is to apply the powder before the foundation, which will guarantee a seamless, crease-free face that will last all day. So, what you need to do, in terms of steps is to prep your skin with moisturizer, then apply the powder, then a bit of spritz of setting spray, primer, and foundation at the end.

Pimple stickers

Pimples are unappealing and they can be quite hard to hide. But, thanks to Tik Tok, start using stickers as a creative and fun way to hide the acne. The options are endless: stars, hearts, polka dots….

Heated lash curler

Turn your lash curler into a mini lash curling iron. Heat the lash curler with the blow-dryer. Let it cool a few seconds before getting it to your lashes. It will be just warm enough to curl your lashes and give you a look that will last for a day or two.

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