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The Best Summer Makeup Products for a Day at the Beach


Blue skies, crashing waves and a balmy ocean breeze… what more could you need for a blissful day at the beach? Well, we can think of one thing: a sun-kissed face of barely-there makeup. Easier said than done, right? It doesn’t have to be. Just follow these tried and tested tips and tricks for your most beautiful beach day yet!


Every beach babe worth her salt knows that true beauty starts with the basics. For super supple skin, first prep your skin for the day ahead with a primer underneath your moisturizer. A great choice is the Beauty and the City Tea Mist Toner. Lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, this fine mist comes jam-packed full of skin-loving ingredients like Mandelic Acid and Niacinamide to brighten and even out the complexion. Think hearty antioxidants like aloe leaf juice, green and white tea plus fruit extracts including grape, lavender, cranberry and lemon. Simply spritz onto freshly cleansed skin to combat oiliness and redness. What’s more? It can even serve as a lovely little pick-me-up to refresh your face during the day.

For even more sparkle, there’s the Beauty and the City Skin Glow Up Kit. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a duo of products laden with antioxidant-rich citrus stem cells and castor oil designed to enhance your skin’s natural glow. Start off with the energy-rich Serum C which not only boosts the skin’s elasticity but also defends against age spots and redness. Follow this with a spritz of Beauty and the City Face & Body Shimmer spray for a decadent dusting of glitz and glam!

Protect and moisturize your lips with the Beauty and The City Vitamin C Lip Conditioner

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Now that you’re all prepped and primed, why not awaken your inner bronzed goddess? Your summer must-have? The Beauty and the City Glitterstick: Hydrating 1 Step Glow Up, an easy-to-use highlighter stick ideal to complement your natural complexion. Choose between either silver or gold and lightly apply color to your eyelids, browbones and right on the curve of your cheekbones. As the sun hits your face, you’ll glow with just the right amount of bronzer. Best of all, the color is natural-looking and can be built up depending on the effect you’re after.


What’s the secret to sultry come-hither eyes at the beach? Three words: waterproof eye makeup! We can’t get enough of the Baby Beauty and the City Eye Kit: Vitamin E Powered & Waterproof. It contains everything you need to cut out the worry of smudged mascara and streaky eyeliner. Choose your favorite shade of waterproof eyeliner – ninja black, mercury metallic gray or diamond silver. Then top off the wide-eyed look with a generous coat of waterproof lengthening mascara.

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If there is one thing that doesn’t go with sand and sea, it has to be lip gloss. Any kind of glossy formulation will simply glide off in the heat of the sun.  Opt instead for a natural lip balm to keep lips smooth and moisturized. Our top pick? This Rejuvenating Beauty and the City Vitamin C Lip Conditioner which packs twice the moisture of an ordinary lip balm! Thanks to nourishing castor oil, lips won’t lose their precious moisture as the sun beats down. Meanwhile, natural antioxidant Vitamin C helps to sooth and soften the delicate skin on the lips.

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Watch our 2-minute glam for our quick summer makeup routine!

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