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Skincare Tips Every Teen Should Know


Keeping the skin healthy and good-looking during the teenage years can be quite a challenging thing. The majority of teens find themselves pretty annoyed with the look of their skin. And that is something to be expected. The changes in the look and the condition of the skin come predominantly because of the hormones and the change in the body. That greatly reflects on the look of the skin, most commonly resulting in acne breakout and other issues. That is why it is essential to keep regular teen skincare routines.

The market today, as well as the beauty and the cosmetology industry, have put a lot of focus and effort into finding and developing different techniques and products that are suitable for the teens’ skincare routine. So, to keep the skin in the best possible condition, here are some teen skin care tips that you might find useful.

Use a gentle cleanser

Every skincare routine starts with the first step of cleansing. And to do that properly, you should find a cleanser that will suit your skin type the best. The appropriate cleanser will not dry the skin, as well as cause irritation. With gentle and circular motions, the face will be well cleansed and prepared for the next steps in the skincare routine.

Moisturize the skin

Moisturizing the skin is the next tip that is important in the teen skincare routine. It will keep the skin hydrated and prevent the appearance of premature aging and fine line. The best type of product to choose is an oil-free and lightweight moisturizer, which will prevent clogging.

Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliation is necessary for avoiding clogged pores. They might come up because of the hormonal surges. The best type of exfoliators is the ones that contain clay because they are packed with antiseptic and astringent properties.

Treat acne

As mentioned above, acne breakouts are a common skin issue among the majority of teens. They can appear at any age, and they come out because of hormonal changes. Sulfur cleansers and masks are gentler on the skin than the ones with salicylic acid, and they work great for acne.

Sun protection

The protection from the sun does not only apply when you are at the beach or high up on the mountain. The sun and the harmful rays are present every day. That is why sun protection creams and lotions are suggested for everyday use.

Take care of the lips

The lips require the same amount of care, just like the rest of the face and skin. For having healthy and luscious lips, always apply a lip balm before going to bed. A good thing to do also is to scrub the lips that will remove any dead skin and then apply a lip balm.

Do not touch the face frequently

Dirty hands mean spreading oil, dirt, and bacteria that can easily turn into a breakout. So, the hands must be washed as often as possible. Another thing to stay away from is to pick the pimples. Dirty hands can cause inflammation and damage the skin tissue.

These are some of the most important teen skin care tips that will help you maintain good and healthy skin.

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