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Retro Makeup Looks Gen Z Should Bring Back

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Gen Z consumers are becoming the dominating consumer when it comes to makeup and skincare. With that being said, it is no secret that the latest makeup trends are coming from them. Even those that might not be Gen Z are diving into the makeup and beauty trends that are pretty cool and fascinating. Especially when it comes to vintage makeup.

Gen Z is following a new set of makeup rules that are a bit different, but still bringing back a bunch of those millennials grew up with. Millennials are focused on the techniques like baking, coverage, and heavy over-the-top lashes, while Gen Z has taken a different approach by bringing back the minimalist approach to makeup. The younger generation is fully embracing the glowy skin, strategic pop of color, and makeup that puts the focus on the natural facial features and beauty. However, the ’90s makeup trends are back. Especially the retro makeup looks, so now is the best time for this dominating consumers market to flaunt and resurrect some of the biggest trends like:

Lip Contouring

Lip contorting started back in the ’90s, with the use of dark lip liner and filling out the lips with lighter lipstick or a lip gloss. Of course, this trend is now back, in a bit more refreshed version. The accent is put on enhancing the volume of the lips and with a dose of more discrete lip liner colors. That means shaping the lips by using a lip liner that will match the lip tone.

Faux freckles

Freckles are trending, and that is another retro makeup trend. For those who do not have natural freckles, dotting your own freckles is now a great thing. Freckles are easy to apply, provide a retro makeup look and give a dose of youth. Additionally, they can help in covering any annoying blemish on the face.

Liquid liner

The ‘90s makeup look focused on lip liner being restricted only to the upper lash lines. With a new touch of Gen Z’s perception, the liquid liner now comes in different colors that stretch across the eyelids.

Fox eyes

When you mix the retro and the modern, you get the fox eyes as toned-down cat eyes. This is a look that comes from black eyeliner, but the brown shades are a softer option. Elongating the eye is essential for the wing, which needs to be small and go straight toward the temple.

Bold pops of color

Gen Z is a generation that loves to incorporate color into their makeup looks. And that is something that was a big thing in the ’90 makeup look. If you remember the pink and violet eyeshadow, then, this trend is something to look forward to. A bold look comes from vivid colors, like choosing shades like mint, lavender, or blue.  

Lifted blush

Blush was a big thing in the 90s makeup, so channeling some retro vibes can be done very easily with just a different approach in an application. This means a higher application that comes closer to the under-eye and further towards the temples to lift the face.

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