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Post Workout Makeup Tips


We all know working out is essential for health, looking and feeling good. Where does beauty fit into your workout? The thing is we also want to be cute after we leave the gym. What if you have errands to run? Or if you want to grab a quick bite with friends? You need your workout gear right. A cute sports bra with matching leggings is a must for me. So, then what do I do with my face post-workout?

Beauty and the City Eyeliners are waterproof so if you used the BNTC Eye Kit before your workout your eye game should be straight. Skin, that’s the thing we all worry about. Your pores are open after a good workout so what do you do quickly to keep your face refreshed?

First, wipe your face down with lukewarm water and a paper towel. Do this twice to get all the sweat, dirt, and other things your pores let out during your workout. Then pat your skin dry with a clean paper towel. Next mist your face with Beauty and the City Tea Mist to add hydration and feed your skin vitamins post-workout. 

For a quick glow, you can mix Beauty and the City Bronzer Tint with your moisturizer and apply. Use Beauty and the City Lip Conditioner to moisturize your lips. Then you’re all set.

For a glam look, you could use Beauty and the City Glitterstick on your nose bridge, cheeks, and forehead to highlight. Spray Beauty and the City Face and Body Shimmer on your face and body then rub in to make sure you get all the areas on your chest arms and face you want to have a hint of sparkle. Finish off with Beauty and the City Lip Conditioner for moisture on your lips and add the Beauty and the City Lip Glass for over-the-top shine. 

For an easy 1-2, step post-workout sparkle simply apply the Beauty and the City Face and Body Shimmer to your face and body. Then reapply the Beauty and the City Tea Mist. This combination will provide lots of moisture and a soft sparkle as you head into the rest of your day. 

Celebrate your workout with a little sparkle. It is up to you to make the ordinary extraordinary sis!

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