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Mascara Techniques


If you want your eyelashes to be big, thick and beautiful, please forget about all the knowledge you learned about applying mascara. Strong words are irrational but true. To create eyes that genuinely stun, you don’t need to be a skilled makeup artist. With the help of your trusty old mascara wand, you can get that va-va-voom look on your own.

After all, mascara is a makeup classic for a reason—just a few swipes can change your overall look. There are plenty of excellent formulas and methods of application, and the choices are endless. Check out the techniques to apply mascara below and learn how to swipe right.

Technique 1

In order to create the illusion of full bangs before picking up a mascara wand, try pretending there are no eyelashes. Please start at the inner corner of the eye and work outwards, swinging Beauty and the city creamy eyeliner; it’s like you’re actually drawing in between the lashes and getting in there.

After that, mix the product by using the brush or your figure; try this on the upper and lower lashes for maximum effect. Now, use several layers of Beauty and the city lengthening and volumizing mascara to enhance the thickening effect.

Technique 2

Meet your new BFF: your face powder for lashes that might need a boost. First, apply thicker mascara, such as Beauty and the city, lengthening and volumizing mascara. Then, before lashes dry, apply a clean slider with translucent loose powder. Finally, apply another coat of mascara and use a specially designed long and short brush to remove clumps to get crazy thick eyelashes.

Technique 3

You can highlight your eyelashes to get exactly the same effect as you would highlight your hair for multiple shades. It creates depth and dimension, drawing attention to any area with coloured stripes.

But don’t worry, you won’t be using ammonia or peroxide anywhere near your eyes—you only need two colours of mascara. To get the effect, first, apply a layer of brown mascara. Then brush the black shadows on some of the lashes you want to highlight, such as the outer corner lashes to create a Smokey look or the middle lashes to create a larger eye ambience.

Beauty and the city lengthening and volumizing mascara make for a terrific everyday combination, but it’s the tapered brush tip that makes this look so special. It allows you to fine-tune every teeny-tiny lash and apply colour anywhere you wish.

Technique 4

It’s all about colour theory when it comes to making eyelashes popular. Applying light-coloured eye shadows can accentuate the look of mascara, just how black garments stand out against a white background. Any colour combination you can think of would be stunning, adding some glitter and texture to your eyes, too. Pair shimmer or metallic eyeshadows with thick, long-wearing mascaras (like Beauty and the city lengthening and volumizing mascara). Use them to create a strong contrast. Juxtapose soft eye shadows and bold tassels—a few.


The mascara mentioned above techniques will surely help you get the most pleasing look; use all the techniques one by one and select whichever suits you the best.

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