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Looks from Stranger Things We’re Obsessed With   


Hands up if you’ve already binge watched all the episodes of Stranger Things’ latest season on Netflix. Yep, you’re not alone. There’s just something about those mystical teens that keep us coming back for more. If we’re honest though, a large part of our love for this show comes down to the quirky 80s outfits and nostalgia for a bygone era. Double denim, varsity jackets, neon and tie dye? It simply doesn’t get any better. Join us as we countdown the looks from Stranger Things we’re totally obsessed with!


There’s something so quintessentially 80s about this denim jeans, paint splattered button-down shirt and suspenders combination worn by Eleven in this scene. That’s not even talking about the on-brand sunshine yellow scrunchie tying her half up, half down hairstyle. She is flanked on either side by equally nostalgic looks. A much-younger Will wears a retro striped long-sleeved shirt with royal blue shorts. Max is at her tomboy best in a Pam & Gela rainbow striped ringer tee under a sleeveless lilac hoodie and bright yellow shorts. Neon, stripes, denim and tie dye? Anything goes in 80s fashion!

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Here’s a look that is still every bit as stylish by today’s fashion standards as it was back in the 1980s. Out on a shopping trip at the mall, Eleven chooses this black romper adorned with a geometric design in glaring multi-colored neon. The look goes perfectly with a pair of simple white trainers and socks. This iconic scene is a real turning point for her character who, up until this point, has only worn dull colors, hospital gowns and mismatched borrowed clothing. Looking good, Eleven!


Who can forget the epic season 2 finale? Over the familiar chords of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time, Eleven and Mike take to the dancefloor at the Snow Ball and share their first kiss. Eleven is adorable in a denim puffed sleeve dress adorned with red polka dots with a cinched-in belt and a ruffled hemline. Complete with slicked-back hair and pastel eye shadow, the look is pure 80s gold!

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It’s usually Eleven whose outfit choices garner all the attention but we’re paying homage to the underdog in the style department: Max. Over the course of the series, it may be Eleven who undergoes a style transformation. But if it’s consistency you’re after, Max is your girl. Here she is in her trademark skater girl style: high-waisted denim turn-up shorts and a striped retro T-shirt.

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The outfits that inspired a plethora of Halloween outfits… It’s Erica, Steve and Dustin as the Scoop Troop. The quirky sailor suit uniforms worn by Erica and Steve are totally kitschy and perfectly embody the 80s mall scene that so permeated the era. We love that this is basically all that the usually cool Steve wears for the entire season 3. Then there’s Dustin – dorky and loveable in his Camp Know Where baseball cap, yellow cartoon T-shirt and denim waistcoat. It’s Stranger Things at its offbeat best, and we simply love it!

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