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How to Treat Dry Skin in the Heat


Ah summer. Long lazy days spent lounging by the pool under the glorious hot sun. But spend too much time under the sun’s rays and you’re left with one of summer’s worst side effects: dry skin. It can take many forms – itchy, irritated skin to heat rash and, at its very worst, sunburn. But the sun doesn’t have to be a beauty buzzkill. Follow these skin-loving tips and protect yourself against dry skin this summer.

So just what causes dry skin in the summer? Yes, the harsh sun is hands down the main offender but many other lifestyle factors play a large part in the moisture levels in the skin.

  • Air Conditioning

As refreshing as that cold blast of air from the AC may feel, what it’s really doing is zapping the natural moisture from the top layer of the skin. If you can manage, try setting your air conditioner to a low or medium setting. Keep your complexion protected with a moisturizing yet lightweight face cream like the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream for Extra-Dry Skin. It may have a gel consistency but added ingredients like glycerin and dimethicone seal in moisture and hydration.

For the rest of your body, don’t overlook the nourishing benefits of a body oil – yes, even in the summer months. In fact, a head-to-toe oil may be even more necessary in the heat when natural skin moisture is lost through constant exposure to the sun. A top tip from New York dermatologist Brian Hibler, MD, is to look for body oils featuring anti-inflammatory ingredients like jojoba and rosehip seed oils. They key, he explains to Allure is their ability to “mimic the natural oil in our skin so it won’t clog pores.”

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  • Swimming

That much-needed dip in the pool may feel amazing in the moment but the pesky chlorine in the water is one of the main contributors to dry skin. Once you get out of the water, natural oils are immediately stripped from the skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin, you’re even more prone to flaky skin and dry rash. Counter this by slathering the skin on your body in moisturizer. We’re talking after a shower, once you get out of the pool and again before you go to bed at night.

The skin on your face can be a little trickier. A top tip from dermatologist Dr. Adeline Kikam is to layer your products from the thinnest to the thickest in consistency. Start off with lightweight formulas like serums and essences and follow these with heavier oils or balms. The last step in your routine, particularly at night, should be an occlusive agent like Vaseline or Aquaphor to seal in essential moisture lost during the day.

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  • Sun exposure

You’ve probably heard it countless times before but it still rings true – the number one cause of dry skin is the sun. Couple this with dry air plus an arid climate and sadly you’re left with parched, dried out skin. But that doesn’t mean you need to avoid the outdoors this summer. Start out by keeping your skin hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You’re further helping your body produce enough oils to keep the skin nourished and maintained in the heat.

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