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How to Recover from Lash Damage


I have spoken to more than one girl in lash recovery from falsies. While they look absolutely stunning they can do a number on your real lashes. Sometimes it’s the glue that is damaging or causing allergic reactions. Another cause of lash damage could be the process of taking off your false lashes because they can bond to your real lashes causing breakage upon removal. I’ve heard women complain their real lashes became dry, brittle and sparse once they took off the falsies. Leaving their real eyelashes in need of serious TLC.

Eyelashes are very important. Your natural lashes have multitasking down to a science. Lashes are designed to reduce airflow into the eyes, keep out sweat, rain, and dust, and filter sunlight. This is why eyelash care is key. Keeping your make-up brushes clean, only using mascara for 2 to 3 months, never sharing mascara, eyeliner or make-up applicators are all musts. But what do you do when your lashes are broken and damaged?

Is there a way to heal and regrow your lashes fast?

Yes! One solution is a good lash conditioner like Beauty and the City Lash & Brow Serum. A vegan, paraben-free formula like Beauty and the City Lash and Brow Serum featuring ingredients such as peptides, lipids, and panthenol will grow your eyelashes in a few weeks without the toxic chemicals. These ingredients encourage healthy hair follicle activity. This is so important after a long period of wearing false lashes because the hair follicles on your lash line can become clogged and injured. 

Dermatologists say lash conditioners with panthenol and lipids condition, thicken and moisturize your eyelashes. And the amino acids in the conditioner formula provide fuel for your eyelash hairs and the skin in that area to assist with growth. Make sure to apply the conditioner to the lash line and don’t get any inside your eyes. Only use it once per day. The shelf life on the average lash conditioner is about 1 year. Beauty and the City Lash and Brow Serum Costs $45. It will definitely save you money as compared to the cost of falsies which can be anywhere from $120 to $300.

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