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How to Glow this Spring


Springtime is my favorite time of the year. It is not too hot and the air smells of blossoming plants and fruits. The evenings are ripe with cool breezes and tons of light making you want to stay out late and enjoy the season. Makeup looks that go natural with 90s browns, or pinkish peaches are fun. They remind us of the colors around us and the warmth in the air. 

Let’s start with a multipurpose warm peachy, orange blush, a deep pink eyeshadow, Beauty and the City Eye Kit, Beauty and the City Eyeliner Kit, Beauty and the City Lip Kit, Beauty and the City Brow Pencil, Beauty and the City Face and Body Mist, and Beauty and the City Tea Mist. 

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For a soft blush look, you can put on your blush before you put on your foundation. And if you change your mind and want more of a hue you can also add more to lift your face after. 

Start with Beauty and the City Tea Mist to hydrate your face before applying make-up. Apply primer as desired. Next Your foundation and concealer as desired. Then you would bake under the eye if that is your style and let that sit while you do your eyes. Brush and fill in your eyebrows with the Beauty and the City Brow Pencil. Conceal under the eyebrow and a little bit on top for straight clean lines around the brows. Next line your lower lash line and your upper lash line with Beauty and the City Eyeliner Ninja. Curl your lashes. 

Next, apply your eyeshadow along your lower lid. Apply Beauty and the City Eyeliner Metallic in the crease for a light smoky effect. Apply Beauty and the City Eyeliner in Diamond to the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop. Apply Beauty and the City Mascara to lengthen your lashes for a natural long lash look. 

Apply Beauty and the City Lip Conditioner to your lips. Apply a little more blush as desired on your cheeks and temples. Apply your blush to your lips to complete the look.

Finish with Beauty and the City Face and Body Shimmer, spray on a brush and apply to your face in all areas you would normally apply highlight for a soft shimmer. 

Apply setting spray as desired. 

Switch It Up!

Want to keep the same natural glowy look but want to go 90s with your colors? 

Using the same makeup look simply switch your eyeshadows to a light golden brown on the lids and a deeper dark brown in the crease. Swap in the Beauty and the City Glow Kit to warm your face up with a golden glow for the BNTC Face and Body Shimmer. Use the Beauty and the City Bronzer in the contour, on your temples, and along your jawline. Use the Beauty and the City Glitterstick in Gold on your brow bone, cheeks, and forehead. For a little extra sparkle use any excess on your nose bridge. Go with a deeper rose blush and consider a creamy blush for more of a dewy look if desired. 

Get your glow on for spring and summer sis!

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