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How to Get The Winged Eyeliner Look


Let’s accept that nothing beats well-drawn dramatic winged eyeliner for elevating your eye make-up skills. It has a great style and goes with practically any outfit. With winged liners being the current trend, you can’t afford to let your shaky hands and lack of skill keep you from completing this achievement.

Angelina Jolie

From the red carpet to the red carpet every season, Angelina Jolie’s winged eyeliner look accompanied her. It’s an eye make-up style that never fails her, and it’s the ultimate eye make-up look when paired with some dramatic lashes and a neutral lip gloss.

Like the look? Let us show you how to get that look easily in some steps.

How to Get Winged Eyeliner Look

Here we will show you how to get the winged eyeliner to look like Angelina Jolie with step by step guide.

Step 1:

A clean naked eye is the easiest method to practice winged liner, especially with a creamy gel composition like BEAUTY AND CITY CREAMY EYELINER KIT. Try layering the liner on the top of your eyeshadows once you have enough practice.

Step 2:

Then use the tip of the eyeliner brush to draw a thin eye line that is even along with the upper eyeliner. For better results, gently pull the outer corner of the eye to tighten the skin.

Step 3:

Next, use a thin to extend along the upper lash line and tilt toward the end of the eyebrows to create the tips of the wings. Then start at the tip of your wing to be very small because removing the product is much more difficult than adding it.

Step 4:

in the following step, you will have to draw a thin line connecting the line along the upper lines of the wing once you are done with the end of your wing.

Step 5:

Then here comes the fun part! Fill in the vacant region between the tip of the wing and the eyelash line with a little bit of Wicked Gel Liner. Use tiny strokes using a small quantity of product to just fill in the empty spots, being cautious not to ruin all of your hard work establishing the wing profile.

Step 6:

Now is the moment to stretch the tips of your wings to add additional sharpness or length if you want to create more drama. Then add mascara like BABY BEAUTY AND THE CITY EYE KIT or false eyelashes to make the eyeliner pop!


Here is everything that you will need to get the excellent winged eyeliner look. Now you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect winged eyeliner look anymore because these six steps are ideal for creating a fantastic winged eyeliner look. Make sure to follow all the steps to get this fabulous look.

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