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Celebrate Women Changing the Face of Crypto Starting with Beauty and the City NFTs in NYC This Fall


Beauty and the City is hosting a series of BNTC Crypto & Beauty Events empowering women through crypto cosmetics in Brooklyn, Manhattan and LIC in November and December 2022. 

Beauty and the City presents BNTC Crypto & Beauty Events in NYC featuring live discussions on crypto topics from the BNTC Crypto & Beauty NFT Newsletter such as women in crypto, Solano, what is crypto and how to participate, African Americans in crypto and Ethereum 2.0, side by side with beauty hacks. Events are for BNTC customers and NFT holders.

Space is limited to 40 people per event and RSVP is recommended.

The event is guaranteed to be action packed with games, prizes, makeup tutorials, refreshments, and a DJ.

Dates: November 18 Brooklyn, NY, December 2 NY, NY, December 9 LIC, NY

Time: 7pm to 10pm

Here are more details on the BNTC Crypto & Beauty NFT Launch & Bonus Newsletter

Why the BNTC Crypto & Beauty NFT Bonus Newsletter?

At Beauty and the City, we believe NFTs are changing the way women participate in crypto. We are including beauty articles along with crypto articles in our BNTC NFT Newsletter to support women in crypto. Many women are crypto curious and are open to inspiration on learning more. We believe women can talk to each other about crypto just as easily as they talk to each other about beauty trends. There are many ways to participate in crypto, and there is plenty of excitement around the future potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The opportunity is out there to take a deeper look and get inspired by this ever-evolving space.   

What does BNTC Founder have to say about the Crypto & Beauty NFT Launch?

“I look at makeup as a way to express individuality and creativity. 2 Minute Vegan Glam is empowering because you can look beautiful with high glam or the no makeup look quickly. Which gives you time back if only to relax – that counts. Being able to find time to look and feel beautiful no matter what your schedule looks like – that counts. When we look at the Crypto & Beauty NFT, we are saying learning about the latest beauty hacks can be as fun as learning about the crypto space. Just Stay Informed Sis! Killer Instincts Are Bound to Drop-In…When You’re Ready. There’s no rush you just want to stay informed and make it fun.” – Tanille, Founder Beauty and the City   

Beauty Brand Beauty and the City Breaks Into the NFT World

Get more on the Beauty and the City Crypto & Beauty NFT

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