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Bronzer is not just for summer!


A soft bronzer tint like the Beauty and the City Antioxidant-Rich Bronzer Tint can be used all year round. You can easily mix 1 drop with your moisturizer in the mornings to add a soft glow and some polish to your look without getting a heavy pigmented color that is a summer bronzer look. You can also add it to your foundation again 1 drop to your full face foundation amount to give a soft glow to your look and warm up your foundation.

When thinking about where to apply a couple of finger tip touches of bronzer tint consider right under the hairline on your forehead, your temples, on the apples of your cheeks if replacing blush or just at the tail end of your cheek to highlight that area and leave room on the apple of your cheek for blush, another area that could be a go to is your jawline to add some contour there. Now some people love bronzer in the contour of there cheekbone and that could be your style. Why not try a few of these areas and see which ones you like the most.

Pair our bronzer with the Beauty and The City Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

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You can also use your BNTC Bronzer Tint for double duty and apply a small amount on your eyelids as eyeshadow. You want to reserve the brow bone area for a true bright gold highlight. But the sultry golden glow of a bronzer tint does very well on the eyelid area.

One bonus spot we see trending is people using it on the tip of their noses. Again this is a style thing. Some people put a touch of blush on the tip of their nose. This can look very cute depending on the color blush you are going with and the coordinating eye shadow, blush and lip colors.

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Bronzer is something to play with have fun and create your own style. Remember to start with a light look and if you want to go deeper with the color you always add on by the drop. The great thing about the Beauty and the City Antioxidant Bronzer Tint is that it is packed with nutrients that will keep you looking pretty by feeding your skin vitamins and essential oils. BNTC Bronzer Tint boasts heavy lift ingredients like Aloe vera and Coconut Oil that give it a smooth touch and yummy coconut smell.

What’s your favorite way to apply bronzer?

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Watch our 2 minute bronzer glam look!

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