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Best Makeup Looks From Euphoria

euphoria makeup looks

Euphoria is currently one of the top trending TV Shows. For those who still did not have the chance to watch, trust us, we guarantee it will be worth it. And of course, if you like Zendaya then this is a great way to enjoy her acting skills. Euphoria is definitely an endless inspiration for lots of fashion styles, but what particularly stands out is the Euphoria makeup looks. So far, everything we have seen has been quite interesting and inspiring, making us wonder are we able to pull something like that in front of our mirror.

From perfectly placed gemstones to neon lids and tears full of glitter, the abstract makeup trends that we have seen on Euphoria are making waves. Rue, Cassie, Maddy, Kat, and Jules have all been flaunting some perfect Euphoria makeup looks. So, without further ado, these are the best makeup looks that have left us in awe.

Dash of red pepper

Kat is known for her feisty attitude, so it is only expected that her makeup should match it. The sharp red hot eyeliner is what looked really good on her. Recreating this look is very easy. You just need a liquid eyeliner that has a tiny brush on the application wand. It is better for the brush to be smaller because it will provide a more precise look. Put the accent on the inner line on the bottom lashline. You can also recreate the dot she is wearing right above the cheekbone with the same liner.

Iridescent Red Eyes

Jules’s iridescent framed red-eye Euphoria makeup look is a very good and appealing look that instantly became a trend. The details like bright gold stick-on decals in the corner of the yes add beautiful color contrast. That also adds dimension to the entire look. With a red liner and shadow, and a bit of blending around the entire eye, you will recreate this stunning look.

Covered in gems

When Cassie debited the peacock-inspired ere look in gems, it instantly became a huge makeup thing. So, if you are bold enough, go with teal and sapphire blue stones that will outline the eyes. Use stick-on gemstones and a bit of blue and teal eyeshadow.

Indigo eyes

Maddy loves purple eyeshadow and that is sort of her signature look. However, with a touch of gemstones as an underlying Euphoria makeup looks, the indigo eyes are the new trend that you cannot miss. Start with applying purple eyeshadow on the lids, press on some false lashes, and finish with lots of gems.

Gold foil

Goth and romantic do go well together when you pair the gold foil with pastel pink eyes and lips. Start with the eyeshadow, and then follow up with placing the gold foil in the eyebrows and along the cheekbones. Finish with soft pink lip color. Build the look with the gold foil as you go, only then you will achieve the best results.

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