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Best Looks from Bridgerton  


Aah Bridgerton… what’s not to love about Netflix’s steamy serenade to the sensational Regency era? From bonnets to tiaras, these are our pick of the best looks from Bridgerton.



We simply adore this horseback riding ensemble worn by Phoebe Dynevor in the role of Daphne. In her signature shade of purple, the color was purposefully selected to symbolize the character’s development into womanhood.

“As Daphne gets older, the colors become duskier. The pinks and blues are richer and the silvers deepen as she grows and matures. She begins as a porcelain doll and becomes a woman,” the show’s costume designer Ellen Mirojnick told Vogue. Here she rides in typical side saddle wearing a plum petticoat dress with high collar plus a netted fascinator.

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Eloise stands as the antithesis to sister Daphne’s overtly feminine attire. “She hated the bows, the frills, the lace—anything that was prissy. She’s always buttoned up,” explains Mirojnik to Hello Giggles. Her outfits “ride the line of masculine and feminine,” noting, “Her inserts were made of a self-stripe pattern, which is more masculine than feminine.”

Seen here in her debutante presentation dress, her look is decidedly more understated than her older sister’s. But it’s what Claudia Jessie (who plays Eloise Bridgerton) told People magazine that revealed all. “The action is going on underneath. What I do have is Spanx tights and then a mic pack on my thigh, so actually, my biggest struggle is going for a wee.” 



You may have noticed the Bridgerton family predominantly wear muted tones – this is to show their status in society. “They’re the prominent family of the social season so we wanted their color palette to be powdery — these pale blues, silvers, and greens that feel like whispers of color,” Mirojnick told Vogue. Here we see the Bridgerton matriarch, Violet, in stunning silver with golden blooms delicately embroidered all over her gown.

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In stark contrast, is the flamboyant Featherington brood. “She sets the tone for them as a family and their color palette is overly citrus because she wants those girls to be seen. It might be too much, but that’s not on purpose,” explains Mirojnick. “She thinks they look beautiful. Portia wears these prints and often you’re not sure if she’s more like Joan Collins or Elizabeth Taylor. They’re bolder, brighter and more brazen than everyone else, and everything is overly embellished. They just don’t know any better.”

Here we see Lady Portia Featherington at a picnic in the park clad in a violet brocade dress complete with a nipped-in waist and sweetheart neckline.



Played to perfection by Nicola Coughlan, the lovable Penelope can often be seen in jovial yellows and golds – and with good reason. It is used to show her cowardice or being too “yellow-bellied” to reveal her true feelings for Colin. Her outfits are also less brash and garish than her mother and sisters, a slight nod to the later reveal of her true identity!

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Speaking of the Featheringtons, who can forget the start of the season two when the family made their grand entrance atop the staircase? Led by Lady Portia, the family had done away with the garish yellows and replaced them with gorgeous metallic golds. Did you know that the Featherington clan were inspired by the Kardashians? In April 2021, Nicola Coughlan sent out a tweet saying: “Does Kim Kardashian know that the Kardashians were a massive inspiration for the Featheringtons and we talked about them all the time during our fittings?” We wonder what Lady Whistledown would have to say about that?

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