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Best colorful eyeliner for the summer


The colorful eyeliner is very popular this summer. Many feel skeptical about using colorful eyeliner, thinking it might be out of style. However, the 2000s makeup looks are making a big comeback, which includes the colorful eyeliner too. The market today offers many different smudge-proof formulas and beautiful hues that can deliver a completely new and interesting look.

When it comes to colorful eyeliners, there are no rules. One can easily play with the graphic lines to inverted cat eyes. The makeup trends deliver this summer are so varied that everyone can find their pick and explore various looks.

Here are some of the best eyeliner colors to try out, and some of them you can find at Beauty and the city.

Blue Eyeliner

The one to try is blue eyeliner. There are variant shades of blue, which are all perfect for the summer. Blue eyeliners commonly come in a liquid or creamy form, since it is the best way to achieve thicker consistency and vibrancy. A cool tip to try out is to layer two different shades of blue for a more striking look. Place the darker color on the top lid and another on the bottom. For example, go with dark blue on the top lid and a lighter blue on the bottom lid.

White eyeliner

White eyeliner is a choice for many influencers and it-girls, so for those of you who are feeling inspired, it is a great option to try it out. White the white liner you can easily try the cat-eye. the trick to not making it look chalky is to layer them in three coats and then underline the look with black eyeliner. The finished look is crisp and polished.

Green eyeliner

Bright shades of green might sound scary however, green is the perfect option for this summer. If the light green is too much, then go with the more suitable dark green. Green also offers a wide palette of green shades to choose from. With the green, there are nuances like teal, blue-green, and bright green.

Violet Eyeliner

Violet eyeliner is a fun shade and can bring out the eyes. If the shade you pick is too muted, try layering it with a white eyeliner to make sure it pops. Also, you can go darker with pink on the outer corner of the eyes. It adds an amazing pop of color.  The right berry shade will look amazing on the skin, and if you are a bit tanned, then, the effect will be even greater.

Purple Eyeliner

Purple is a color that suits every single skin tone. It is ideally suited to every skin tone and eye color, bringing trendiness and playfulness to the makeup look and to the eyes too. It can be used as a fun alternative to the usual black smokey eye.

Choosing an eyeliner in color is a nice way to elevate and upgrade your makeup look this summer. Head to Beauty and the City to find the best color for you!

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