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Best eyeliner and eyeshadow looks for 2022


The makeup and beauty industry has put its eyes in the spotlight in 20212 With so many varied options to choose from, here are some of the trendiest eyeliner and eyeshadow looks that you can try out this 2022!

Colored mascara

2020 was the year when the mascara experiences the highest demand and sales on the market. It is one of the makeup pieces that is a simple must-have. Every makeup routine includes mascara as a product that can deliver noticeable transformation to the eyes. The makeup trends put the mascara in color as a choice to try out and bring playfulness to the eyes. There is also a new technique of layering the mascara that was introduced as a fresh new approach. It suggests applying one coat of some bright and colored mascara and finish the look the strokes of black or brown mascara only to the ends of the lashes.

Smoldering Eyeliner

Hidden under the face mask, the eyes were the only ones that could sustain makeup and deliver an interesting makeup look. With that in mind, 2022 is the year that will focus and accent on the eyes. This is done with the incorporation of eyeliners. The smoldering eye looks are a fresh and new look that dominates the eye makeup trends. To nail a perfect smoldering eyeliner look, go with a classic, wet-lined liner that will provide definition and shine to the eyes.

Graphical eyeliner

Accenting the eyes can best be done by using eyeliner. According to the latest trends, eyeliner can create some interesting looks that will make the eyes pop. With it, the eye makeup will become a centerpiece. Here, the eyeliner can come in any color and texture. The lines within this trend are clean, so you can never go wrong with the winged cat eyeliner look. For those too afraid of experimenting, the black liner is an all-time favorite and timeless choice.

Vibrant lids

Another strong new eye makeup trend is wearing bold and vibrant colors on the eyelids. It inspires creativity and the use of colors delivering extraordinary eye makeup looks. The high gloss and shine and two needed details for the vibrant lids makeup trend. Adding some gloss to the lids is a great makeup switch for the hot summer days and nights. With this touch, the eyes will look seductive, fresh, and cool.

Outlined shadow

The eyeliner and eye shadow have always been inseparable makeup duo. This time, the makeup trends suggest that the most interesting and bold looks come exactly from a few different approaches in their application. The newest trends place the eyeshadow on the lids, but now, the eyeliner comes as the frame. And that is how you get the outlined eye shadow. As for the shapes – it is all up to personal preference.

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