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Beauty and The City Is Always Evolving


This year is all about getting off safety and striking new ground with Beauty and the City. I like to bring fun, vibrancy, and an entertainment element to our media. We’ve done dating stories and makeup tutorials, style, and makeup tutorials, scenes from my teen books I toured with, dance videos, and up next we have BNTC Sketch Comedies. 

I asked myself: what could I bring to our media that represents what BNTC is about. The truth is BNTC is about expression, celebrating individuality, and a passion for creativity. That is what makeup is about in so many ways. We want women to feel that with our products they can express themselves, be 100% who they are, and be glamourous.

I am so grateful for the inspiration that gives life to our brand. I am so grateful for the people we have worked with to bring this vision of a different kind of makeup media to life. I am so grateful for our team behind the scenes. I am so grateful to be able to write, share music, and develop for the brand based on the life experiences, the people, and the art that feeds into the inspiration for our media and most importantly for our products.  

As a #founder, I’m always in my marketing bag. Having the chance to connect marketing with inspiration is huge. This has been an amazing journey and we are only at the beginning!

Every day I’m completely exhausted as we try to build something special and inspiring here at BNTC. And every morning I wake up super energized, ready to do more, feeling so grateful and optimistic. Grateful for our customers who get the products, get what we are doing, and are rocking with us in these early stages of cool. Grateful for our BNTC team and BNTC family. Thankful for God’s blessings and love. Honestly, I feel this is all we have love and loyalty. ❤️

Check our site for new product drops. BNTC 2 Minute Vegan Glam is always #evolving.

Now, I need to go study lines for my 2 BNTC Sketch Comedy scenes I’m in (love that brand presence), emails, and review box curations as we push through this Q2 launch. Welcome to a BNTC morning.

Stay tuned…
xoxo 🥰
Music by Tanille

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