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5 Winter Jackets you Need to add to your Wardrobe


The winter season is upon us. Like any other season, it’s time to change up the wardrobe. Time to implement winter staples like knit sweaters, turtlenecks, boots, and most importantly jackets into your rotation. Jackets are the staple of every winter outfit and it’s obvious why it’s usually the first thing people notice when they look at your winter outfit. To help you pick out the perfect winter coat I’ll go over some trendy jackets and some of my favorite jackets that should be in your wardrobe this winter.

The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket- $280

Are you from New York even, do you have a big black puffer jacket even? The icon North Face puffer jacket is a staple that’s been around for a few decades now. This jacket just doesn’t go out of style. It being a black jacket and a puffer jacket makes it perfect as a top layer to your outfit as it looks great unzippered. It’s a very comfortable jacket and has a good amount of pocket space. If there’s any jacket on this list, you need in your wardrobe it’s The North Face Puffer Jacket. Even if black might not be your favorite color this jacket comes in an assortment of different colors and has multiple brand collaborations with Gucci, Supreme, Parka, and more.

Yeezy x Gap Round Jacket- $200

Sticking to the trend of black puffer jackets the Yeezy Gap collaboration brought us one of the most unique jackets of 2021. This nylon jacket feels like you’re in a big bubble. The jacket doesn’t come with a zipper so it’s meant to be layered with, and especially the black colorway can be layered for a lot of versatile outfits. Although the jacket does not come with a zipper it does have two straps inside so you can adjust the jacket. In terms of pockets, this jacket is lacking here. There are two pockets on the outside and one on the inside. The inside pocket is a nice touch and has a decent amount of space to fit a phone or wallet, but the two outside pockets are lacking and it’s only good to put your hands in. The jacket is very comfortable and will keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter, the length is great and has a fitting cropped look. The only issue I have with the fit is the width of the sides are a little large so I’d recommend sizing down on this jacket, so you have that perfect statement piece to add to your outfit. The jacket comes in three colorways, black, blue, and red.

Patagonia Retro X Fleece Jacket- $200

What’s a winter wardrobe without a fleece? The Patagonia is one of the best fleece jackets out there. The material is wind resistant, and your body will be warm inside of this jacket. There are these pockets, one to the left chest and two pockets to the side. The chest pocket is big enough to fit a phone and wallet while the ones to the side can fit a multitude of things. Like seriously those two pockets are huge. In terms of pocket space, this is the best jacket on this list. If you want that oversized cozy look, I’d suggest sizing up but if you go with a true to size look you don’t have anything to worry about. My only gripe with this jacket is that it’s not as versatile as some other jackets on this list when it comes to layering. I find it kind of hard to wear a thick sweater or hoodie underneath, so I’d recommend wearing this if your layered pieces are thin. This is the perfect jacket for that earth tone look and it comes in six different colorways, all following the same earth tone scheme.

An Insulated Arc’teryx Goretex Jacket.- $750

The waterproof Arc’teryx insulated jacket is the jacket tiktokers flocked to the latter half of 2021 and no wonder why it’s a great jacket. Shower trend aside this is one of the premiere trendy weatherproof jackets out there. The Gore-Tex material makes it the perfect jacket to go out in the rain, and severe weather. If you love to ski, snowboard, go fishing this is the jacket you need in your wardrobe. There is a lot of pocket space, and the insulated Gore-Tex material will keep you warm and dry. Unlike other jackets on this list, this is not a good layer jacket and is meant to be the only staple top of your outfit. The jacket is lightweight so only thin pieces can be worn underneath and wearing anything too thick will just make you get hot since the jacket is already well insulated.

The Uniqlo Parka Jacket- $130

The Uniqlo parka is a great windproof and water-repellent jacket. It has a similar look to a puffer jacket but is more lightweight. This long parka is a great layer for your outfits making it one of the most versatile jackets on this list Handling both thick and thin underlying clothes. It comes in a multitude of colors and is a great going-out jacket. The pocket space is also pretty good. Overall a great affordable and versatile jacket.

Every one of these jackets meets a different need. Want that statement piece? Go with the Yeezy jacket. Want that outdoor jacket? Go with the Arc’teryx jacket. Want an earth tone look? Go with the Patagonia fleece. Want a going-out jacket that is perfect for layering? Go with the North face or Uniqlo jackets. There’s a jacket out there for everyone.

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