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10 Summer 2022 Makeup Trends You Need to Try


From all-over glitter and sparkle, bold retro looks, vibrant colors, and statement makeup, this summer, makeup trends are getting a new kick after some time spent wearing face masks. While we will still focus on the eyes, and even opt to wear little or no makeup some days – something you also can’t go wrong with this season – we will definitely want to highlight our best features and get a little adventurous with our makeup. Here we have compiled a list of our 10 favorite makeup,m trends that you should try during summer 2022.

  1. 90s revival

From fashion to beauty and makeup, ‘90s trends like overlined lips, French manicures, thin eyebrows, matte skin, colourful eyeshadow, grungy eyeliner, face gems, frosted lips, brown lipstick, and other 90s-inspired makeup are making a major comeback this year, and this summer is no exclusion. Have a favorite ‘90s look? Now is the time to bring it back!

2. High shine lips

Another nostalgic comeback, highly polished and glossy lips are still trending this summer. Makeup experts suggest using liquid gloss over liquid lipstick to add shine, and we would like to recommend using our high shine and deeply hydrating BNTC Lip Glass Limited Edition lip gloss over your fav lipstick to tap into this trend.

BNTC Lip Glass Limited Edition

Pair the lip glass with the Beauty and The Citys Post Workout Antixodiant Glow Kit.

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3. Clean beauty and makeup

This season, producers and buyers are more aware about the benefits of clean beauty and makeup products than ever. During the past few years, we have come to appreciate the humane aspect of it, but also the benefits of using non-toxic and chemical free, natural products to our skin. Beauty and the City is a proud socially-conscious brand that offers clean, vegan, eco-friendly products that will give you a quick, guilt-free glam.

4. Sun-kissed skin

Sun-kissed skin, and what some are referring to as the “glazed donut look”, imply a fresh, bronze-tone look that is super popular this summer! To get it, we recommend using our Antioxidant-Rich BNTC Bronzer Tint, with its light and no mess formula, instead of your foundation, as blush, highlighter, or anywhere the sun would shine.

Antioxidant-Rich BNTC Bronzer Tint

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5. Shades of orange

If we had to pick out a trending makeup color for this summer, it would be the eccentric orange in its different shades. Whether as eyeshadow, eye or lip makeup, or as blush, we have seen a lot of orange on the runways for this season. We suggest using a single product to create a few looks for this trend – use our BNTC Lip Liner in Russet or Spice as lip liner, eyeliner, and draw cool eyeshadow forms with it, or blend in a little on your cheeks instead of blush.

BNTC Lip Liners

6. Thin eyebrows

As a response to the highly contrasted and defined “Instagram Brow” that we have become accustomed to, a modern-day thin eyebrow trend is picking up – another ’90s-inspired look that we had to single out. Unlike the classic thin eyebrow, the new trend involves sculpting your eyebrows proportionately to your features, without overplucking it, and without heavy filling in. We recommend using the miracle protein-packed BNTC Lash & Brow Serum to grow your eyebrows so you can then get a perfect, natural shape.

BNTC Lash & Brow Serum

7. Bejeweled beauty

From hair glitter and shiny tinsels, to eyebrow glitter, “bejeweled” makeup is trending for any part of your face, or body, this season. We recommend using our creamy and hydrating BNTC Glitterstick as eyeshadow, on your eyebrows, as highlighter and to contour easily.

BNTC Glitterstick

8. Fishtail’ Winged Eyeliner

Out of a few eyeliner trends for this summer, this one is one of our faves. We have seen it on the runways and on some celebrities, and it’s easy for you to recreate. This look includes drawing two opposed extended double wings on your eyes, giving it a “fishtail” appearance. We suggest using our BNTC Creamy Eyeliner in Ninja Black, Mercury, or Diamond to create this trend easily.

BNTC Creamy Eyeliner

9. Skin-beneficial makeup

Get smart and multi-task with your beauty and makeup products this summer. We are seeing a rising trend of products that are good for your skin while offering an aesthetic/makeup effect at the same time. At Beauty and the City, where we are all about clean and quick glam, we offer a few such products, and here we would highlight the BNTC Face and Body Shimmer, which is a skin-beneficial hydrating and refreshing mist that will also give you a subtle sparkle.

Hydrating BNTC Face & Body Shimmer

10. Dramatic eyes

As we mentioned before, as a leftover from the Covid pandemic, the eyes are still a prime focus for beauty and makeup trends this summer, and we are seeing this in the form of bold, statement eyeshadows and eccentric eyeliner forms. To tap into this, use our BNTC Creamy Eyeliner to draw any shape, or as eyeshadow.

BNTC Creamy Eyeliner

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Watch the 2-minute Beauty and The City Smudged Eyeliner Look!

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